Zalto Denk'Art White Wine Glass

Zalto White Wine Glass is for elegant, fruity white wines but also medium-bodied un-oaked red wines.

Especially for: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Frizzante, Sangiovese, St. Laurent, Blaufränkisch

* Dishwasher safe

From the press

Jancis Robinson - The glasses that I have most impressed me recently, from Zalto... are the thinnest and most delicate I have come across, yet seem springy and almost elastic in the hand... and would give any serious wine lover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.

David Schildknecht, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate - ... I have been doing a few comparison with the Zalto and other glasses... I'm impressed enough to covet some Zalto.

Francois Mauss, president of the “Grand Jury European” - I didn’t think, that there would be anything better on the glass-market… this glass is. Moreover it has something erotic… 

Rudolphine and F.X.Pichler, winemakers from the Wachau - “For us the burgundy-glass by Hans Denk –Denk`Art- is the most ingenious glass for Grüner Veltliner. Especially for more mature, particularly premium and concentrated `Smaragd`-wines. For the wine it creates an enamel, profound fruit and elegance in implausible extent. We are enthusiastic.”


Zalto family, originated from Veneto and now located in Austria, produces the finest glassware for six generations with perfect quality and craftsmanship. With the DENK'ART series, it has created an craze internationally. Wine connoisseur are convinced that this is perhaps the world's best wine glasses.

The craftsmanship of these glasses is reminiscent of the filigree craftsmanship of Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance. They are very thin-walled, ultralight, but nevertheless quite break-proof, suitable for dishwashers and absolutely suitable for everyday use. They are made without the addition of lead oxide and are therefore resistant to foggyness.

Denk`Art series was as influenced by the earth. The curve of the bowls are tilted at the angles of 24°, 48° and 72°, which are in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth. The ancient Romans believed that these angles in the production of storage containers gave outstanding characteristics. They found that not only did food stayed fresh longer, it also tasted much better. It is believed that a wine can reach its utmost potential in a Denk`Art glass, developing everything that is possible in the nose as well as on the palate, due to these cosmic parallels.

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