Domaine Leroy Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy, France 2015

Domaine Leroy's Bourgogne Rouge is the entry wine of the legendary Domaine, producing one of the best and most expensive wines in the world from Pinot Noir. Lalou-Bize Leroy, who also owns 25% of Domaine de la Romanee Conti, is one of the most respected names in Burgundy and the world, not only for the great wines she has been making but also her strong personality, passion for life and wine, respect for nature and her leading role in biodynamic wine production.

The wine is pure, honest and vibrant, reflecting the Maison’s minimal intervention approach. It is dark with ripe red fruits, strawberries, cherries at the start, earthiness and tar notes follow. This is a generous wine.

If you would like to drink a good Burgundy from Leroy without breaking the bank, this is the one.


Wine Type: Red Producer: Domaine Leroy Appellation: Bourgogne Rouge Region: Burgundy Style: Light and perfumed Grape: Pinot Noir Country: France Vintage: 2015 Alcohol Content: 12,5% Allergens: Contains Sulfites Content: 0,75 liter

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Domaine Leroy is one of the most prestigious names in the whole of Burgundy. Commanding occasionally eye-wateringly expensive prices and garnering impossibly high praise from virtually every wine critic that has tasted them. The quotes speak for themselves:
Lalou Bize-Leroy stands virtually alone at the top of Burgundy's quality hierarchy... her wines embarrass much of what is produced in Burgundy.” and “Lalou Bize-Leroy. The controversial Lalou must drive many Burgundians crazy given the extraordinary quality of her wines, and the high prices they fetch. She is un uncompromising winemaker, with a portfolio of red and white Burgundies that qualitatively have no peers.” - Robert Parker
Leroy produces the most exclusive and highly sought after wines of Burgundy. Across the vintages and throughout their entire range, their tiny output and immense quality mean an almost perfect storm where supply can never meet demand. This means that inevitably initial allocations disappear into private cellars immediately on release. 
Leroy holds three entities: Domaine d’Auvenay, the original Domaine Leroy and the Maison Leroy Collection. Domaine Leroy forms the top tier and for many the pinnacle of the Burgundian wine. The Maison Leroy Collection, a continuation of her father’s négociant business, is the “insider” buy and offers an affordable entry to the domain.



Bourgogne Rouge wines are red wines produced under the generic Bourgogne appellation. Created in 1937, it covers those Burgundy wines made from vineyards without location-specific titles. Bourgogne Rouge wine can be produced from grapes grown in any one (or more) of 300 communes throughout Burgundy.
Pinot Noir is the predominant grape used in Bourgogne Rouge. 
The appellation laws for all Bourgogne wines are generally less restrictive than those covering Burgundy's location-specific titles. The maximum permitted yield is higher and the regulations around vineyard management factors, such as vine techniques and vineyard planting densities, are also more relaxed. Makes more affordable wines compared to quite expensive location-specific wines of Burgundy.