About Us

We Love Anything About Wine!

After realizing that our passion for wine was growing bigger and bigger, doing nothing but tasting wines, visiting wineries, reading winemakers, history, terroirs and anything related to wine, we decided to quit our banking career and study WSET Diploma in London.

We always dreamed of a (boutique) wine shop filled with special wines from the best regions of the world made by the most respected, passionate and honest winemakers. And here is our project, Coldduck!

There will never be thousands of wines here that we even did not taste or know the producer. Instead, we share the wines that we would enjoy drinking or would love to have in our personal cellars. You will find here sometimes most popular wines that wine connoisseurs talk about or some insider tips that nobody knows, classic wines from classic regions that you need to know, exciting wines from new and upcoming regions and winemakers, rare wines from all around the world that produced only limited amounts, most of all, only the most enjoyable, delicious wines that worth sharing with you.

We understand our customers’ passion and interests, from the new wine drinker trying to discover the rich world of wine, to the enthusiast looking for collectible, rare or cult wines. Our goal is to give all our customers the selection, service and wine experience they want. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to know that one of our wines has been enjoyed.

World of wine is endless (which is great!), we keep exploring and adding new wines, new vintages, please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the new arrivals and promotions. If you have any suggestions, questions, any wine you are looking for, want some recommendations or anything you wish to share please get in touch, we love talking about wine and are here to provide the most friendly service for you. Email us at wine@coldduckwines.com

Thanks for joining us in this adventure,