Petit Chateaux

When we think of Bordeaux, it is usually that big, expensive Cru Classé wines which come to mind. But there is much more to the region for this one of the most food friendly wine.

Red Bordeaux shouldn’t be massive, it should be restrained, refreshing with enough acidity and tannins to. But the tannins should be ripe enough so that there are no hard edges that are hard to swallow. It should be vibrant and have energy and, ultimately, it should make you want another glass of it.

Here are some "Petit Chateaux" and "second wines" that deserve your attention with their great style, character, ageing ability and pleasure to drink even at a young age. And these are for a fair price that is not easy to find. Especially from outstanding vintages like 2015 and 2016, worth buying by cases to enjoy for years to come.